Wilderness Survival

For Teenagers

By Teenagers Course


No Phones, No tablets, No Technology Just Teamwork & Confidence Building

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Course Cost: $150+Hst

Duration: 1 Day in the Field


‘’The Basic Wilderness Survival For Teenagers Course is created by and taught by a teenager for teenagers.’’ 

The course is developed to get teens aware of the wilderness, the scenarios that could occur, and how to survive the worst should it happen. 

In addition the course looks to instill team building and self confidence in it’s participants.

After this course, teens should have learned the fundamentals of survival and will know how to survive and keep calm in the worst kinds of survival situations. 

The topics that will be covered in this course are: 

  • Psychology Of Survival  

  • Stay or Go?

  • Fire Lighting Skills

  • Shelter Building

  • Water Purification

  • Distress Signals

  • Traps & Snares 

  • Sources Of Food 

  • Dangerous Wildlife & How To React

  • Common Poisonous Plants To Avoid


The course will be taught with both an inside classroom portion as well as outside in a wilderness setting. Students will be exposed to numerous hands on opportunities where they will be given the opportunity to master things like the ability to light a fire in all weather conditions, basic shelter building and how to safely use the tools needed in a true survival situation. 

Who is the course instructed by?


Shaylyn is the lead instructor and course developer of the Wilderness Survival For Teenagers Course. The course has been vetted by our senior instructors and is supervised by our adult staff.

Shaylyn is 15 years old and possess a wealth of experience and training in Wilderness Survival & Wilderness First Aid Skills. 

Shaylyn is a Flight Corporal in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets who has successfully passed the combined Air Cadet League Of Canada - Canadian Department Of National Defence Wilderness Survival Training Course for cadets held at Canadian Forces Base Borden - Blackdown Cadet Camp. 

This is in addition to her extensive experiences since a young age where she has been surrounded by the survival world as we taught the courses and she tagged along to help out and she has spent years in the wilderness as well as wearin the fake blood and make-up while acting as a victim patient for our wilderness first aid course scenarios.