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Pandemic Preparedness

Course Cost:  $155.00+HST


Unique situations require unique skills. Knowledge and preparedness is key. While many are starting to realize through mainstream media that the current COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly spreading across the globe. One only has to look to nations such as China, Italy, France and the UK to see how fast things can get out of hand. Sadly this outbreak is a generational first that has all the key markers and traits to rival the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 that killed millions of people around the world.

This program has been developed by our survival and medical instructors to provide the average citizen with factual and potentially life saving knowledge and skills, based on sound scientific and medical knowledge, no rumours and fear mongering.

This course is a one day classroom course. For those that want to get more of a hands on skill set we have created an optional 24hr practical wilderness field survival option. For more information on the wilderness field option please refer to our Basic Overnight Wilderness Survival Course Curriculum here. Students who enroll in the pandemic preparedness course will have the option of attending the overnight survival course at a discounted rate of $150+Hst.

COVID-19 Pathology & Education

Building A Pandemic Kit

Sheltering In Place

Building A  Medical Kit

Stay or Go Considerations

Respirators & Masks

Decontamination Techniques

Urban Survival Skills

Social & Economic Issues

Medical Considerations

Sources Of Information

Basic Pandemic First Aid Medical Skills & Equipment

Dealing With Potential Social Unrest