Aircrew Aviation Survival

Course Cost: $320.00+Hst

As pilots training is nothing new to us. As our careers develop we spend hours and hours reading books and manuals, attending upgrade safety seminars and lectures and practice countless hours of maneuvers and procedures in the aircraft. But the one area we choose to ignore is training that relates to survival. Perhaps we choose to do this because we recite over and over to ourselves that age old adage. “It won’t happen to me, that only happens to the other guy.”


But what happens if one day your luck runs out and you are "The Other Guy"? 


  • Are you prepared to handle an emergency landing in a remote wilderness location?

  • Do you have a properly and reliably equipped survival kit on board?

  • Do you have 100% confidence in your ability to start a fire regardless of rain, wind or snow?

  • Do you know how to build an effective shelter regardless of the season?

  • What about distress signals?

  • Do you know how you can effectively help Search & Rescue Technicians find you in the shortest amount of time? 


Knowing what to do in a life-threatening situation could mean the difference between surviving unscathed and risking injury or worse. We have developed a range of aviation survival training packages for both land (summer & Arctic) as well as sea environments. Survival training is a requirement for aircrews and other professionals who may encounter remote or hard to reach wilderness locations in their daily roles. We also train frequent flyers, passengers and those whose roles involve a lot of air travel. 


We use experienced instructors to develop and deliver realistic training scenarios. All our training programs can be customized to meet your specific training needs. We can come to your location and train your company’s or organization’s employees or you can come to us. We offer group discounts and discounts for other groups such as flying clubs or pilot associations. 


Build Distress Signals

Hands On Shelter Building

Hands On Water Purification 

Building Mental Stamina & Confidence

Students Build A Shelter and Survival Camp They Will Spend The Night In

The Psychology of Survival

Fire Management Skills

Basic Core Temp Management Skills